The B.T.A & U.K.K.W.A are working together to bring like minded martial arts clubs, groups & associations together to share knowledge and wisdom in their chosen styles. We operate as a not-for-profit association that can provide support as well as Blackbelt gradings, seminars and an annual multi-style training camp.

Annual Training Camp

For many years now the B.T.A/U.F.K.K.W.A have hosted an

annual training camp for its members and friends of the associations. The event is over a weekend once a year during May currently in Great Yarmouth in the South East of England. It is very popular and includes training with some of the best Instructors, Masters & Grandmasters in various styles such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, Traditional as well as modern styles, self-defence & weapons plus much more and includes a party night with bar, buffet & disco, which has also included awards ceromonies. An event NOT TO BE MISSED!

Blackbelt Gradings
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The B.T.A/U.K.K.W.A hold 2 joint Blackbelt gradings a year held in March & September. Clubs from all parts of the country attend at an agreed location along with their candidates to go before a Simsa Kwan (Grading panel) containing Grandmaster Roy Kilner (President), Grandmaster Mark Trent (Vice-President BTA, President UKKWA), Grandmaster Wayne Darlington (BTA Chairman), Grandmaster Roland Alderton (BTA Vice-chairman) & Senior Master Stuart Usher (BTA Chief Instructor). The Gradings covers Dan grade levels in Taekwondo, Universal Karate & Kickboxing.


Social Links

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With the B.T.A/U.F.K.K.W.A having high ranking members as well as links to some other associations & styles, seminars are a great way to bring us all together for learning, training and staying in touch on a more person to person level. Most events are agreed at the bi-annual committee meetings.


With the B.T.A/U.F.K.K.W.A having members based all over the UK an annual championships

is held for it's membes to get together and compete in a variety of different competitive elements of the Martial Arts.

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IMPORTANT NOICE: - President GM Roy Kilner has had his Social Media and Messenger accounts hacked. Please block/delete and sort other means to make contact! Thank you.