British Taekwon-do Association 

    One of the oldest Taekwon-do affiliation in Great Britain 


Friday 11th to Monday 14th May 2018 saw the BTA/UFKKWA training Weekend at seashore Haven holiday park in Great Yarmouth. What a truly amazing weekend of members joining together for training in a variety of different styles and methods with fantastic and high ranking instructors as well as socialising and the BTA/UFKKWA party/Hall of Fame Awards. Next years event is already in the planning stages and I know we all look forward to doing it all again next year. I know all the committee are so happy with the continued and growing support of it's members and shall continue to grow. The members make the affiliations what they are and this is what made the weekend such a huge success. Thank you all who attended and if you didn't make this years camp then get your names down for next years. It truly is awesome.

(Photo Courtesy of BBC Look North)

Our very own Chief Instructor - Senior Master Stuart Usher has been awarded BBC Sport Get Inspired Unsung Hero for East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire region 2017 for his work setting up & running Messingham Martial Arts & for his  work in his community. He shall be going to the coveted BBC Sports Personality of the year awards at Liverpool's Echo Arena to go head to head with the other 14 regional winners for the national title as well as to rub shoulders with our nations sporting stars. The event shall be broadcast live to the nation on 17th December 2017. We wish Master Usher the very best of luck and well done!

On Saturday 21st October 2017 the B.T.A & The U.F.K.K.W.A were represented by (from left to right) Senior Coach David Fell, Grandmaster Mark Trent, to the left Master Stuart Usher & Senior Coach Rob Bird. Pictured centre is Kaizen Expo 2017 organiser Lucci-del-Gaudio.

It was a fantasic event that we shall attend in June next year with the hope of taking some sessions too.

On Saturday 16th September 2017 The B.T.A Committee meeting and the B.T.A & U.F.K.K.W.A Black belt gradings where hosted in Messingham, North Lincolnshire by members Messingham Martial Arts. The Committee Meeting was very productive, whereby new & returning members to the B.T.A where introduced and welcomed. An agenda was established and followed and lots of exciting subjects were discussed for the future, including the next Martial Arts training camp in May 2018 at Great Yarmouth, which boasts to be even bigger than the 50th Anniversary camp help in May 2017.

The Taekwondo Black belt grading saw students from members Yong Kwan, Sheffield Dragons, Messingham Martial Arts & Dragons Academy tested in all areas of skill, knowledge & fitness in front of President GM Roy Kilner and a panel of Grandmasters as well as the other committee members. The floor was superbly run by Senior Master David Birch of Sheffield Dragons Taekwondo & successful candidates achieved rank promotions from 1st 2nd & 3rd Poom/Dan as well as a Junior Master 4th poom rank (Under 18), to a 7th Dan Grandmaster level for one of GM Kilner's old students, the now Grandmaster Robert Wenban.

The Kickboxing grading saw 3 of member Mr Rob Bird of  Brigg Kickboxing students tested by U.F.K.K.W.A president GM Mark Trent with assistance from senior coach David Fell , The 3 candidates were also pushed and assessed in all areas of skill and fitness and emerged successful in becoming the first 3 'Pure Brigg Kickboxing' Black belt students to come from the club since it opened early 2014. Well done all, it is fair to say everyone of you where pushed in mind, body & spirit and you did your clubs and instructors proud.

On Saturday 2nd September 2017, Dragons Academy Eckington hosted a Nunchuku Seminar for their members, which was well attended and very well received. Chief Instructor Master Terry Walton and Senior Instructor Sabumnim Claire Louise Walton invited B.T.A Chief Instructor Master Stuart Usher of Messingham Martial Arts to conduct the 2 hour seminar. The students  were taught various skills with the Japanese weapon such as guarding stances, blocks, strikes and combination as well as self-defence techniques using the nunchuku. A great event that received great feedback from the attendees.
We would like to officially welcome our newest members to the British Taekwondo Association, Stockton Taekwondo under the instruction of Senior Master Michael Winship. Great to have you with us. Master Winship brings with him many years of experience and we look forward to meeting and training with him and his students.
We would like to officially welcome back Mount Taekwondo as members of the British Taekwondo Association. Great to have you back with us. Mount recently hosted their 2nd annual tournament that was extremely successful.
Well.....what can we say.....The 50th Anniversary Training camp & celebrations were a huge success! with over 250 people attending and 60 caravans being taken by students, instructors & their families at Haven Seashore holiday resort Great Yarmouth from Friday 5th May to Monday 8th May 2017. The weekend was filled with training in Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Spirit Combat, Jeet Kune Do, Stretching & Breathing, Pressure points & joint locks, Nunchuku, Knife defence, Take down self defence among much more. We had the privilege of being in the presence of and training with 10th Dan Soke Brian Dossett (Spirit Combat) & Grandmaster Terry Nixon (Jeet June Do - Student of Bruce Lees right hand man Dan Inosanto) as well as a fantastic display from a Viking battle re-enactment team....awesome! The Saturday night saw celebrations for half a century of the British Taekwondo Association where all attendees got together for what was a great party, very tasty buffet and lots of dancing as well as the new B.T.A Hall of Fame awards. A list of those inducted into the hall of fame can be found in the hall of fame section of this website soon. The whole weekend had a great feel about it for all who attended with great feedback. Next years camps promises to be bigger and better!

On Saturday 25th March 2017 clubs from the B.T.A from up and down the country assembled at Messingham Martial Arts do jang for the March 2017 committee meeting and Black belt grading.

One topic covered at the committee meeting was the appointment of Senior Master Stuart Usher as the Chief Instructor of the B.T.A as Grand Master Roy Kilner steps down to concentrate on his Presidential/Technical Adviser duties. Master Stuart Usher said "This is a true honour for me and I shall take on the role with the same passion and dedication Grand Master Roy did & I vow to the committee that I shall be a service bringing current members together and promote B.T.A martial arts to all. Also discussed was up and coming events particularly the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The Black belt grading followed with what was a tough and challenging event for all the candidates as they were tested on basics, patterns, sparring, board breaking & spirit with 2 candidates being recommended for the national fight team by GM Roy Kilner. The grading panel consisted of 4 Grandmasters and also present was memebers of the committee,  which contained Senior Masters, Masters & Instructors. Well done all, you did your clubs & instructors proud.

On Saturday 25th February 2017, Brigg Kickboxing Chief instructor Mr Rob Bird, his Student/Instructor Mr Jack Hickson & Messingham Martial Arts Chief instructor Master Stuart Usher along with family and friends in support attended a Kickboxing and Karate Black belt grading in Stowmarket near Ipswich at the Universal Karate & Kickboxing Worldwide Association head quarters 'Scorpion Martial Arts Academy'.

They were put through their paces during a 4 hour session in front of a grading panel of Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors & Coaches demonstrating their skills in Kickboxing techniques, Sparring, Fitness, Board Breaking and spirit. All 12 candidates were pushed to the limit and emerged victorious in achieving their next level.

Picture shows the three Brigg Kickboxing Candidates with members of the grading panel with their certificate from Left to Right: - Master Stuart Usher (5th Dan Taekwondo) achieving 4th Dan Master in Kickboxing, Mr Rob Bird achieving 3rd Dan Black belt in Kickboxing (also holds a 1st Dan in Taekwondo) and Mr Jack Hickson achieving 1st Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing.

The B.T.A & U.F.K.K.A 5 star award for excellence has been rolled out for clubs that prove to meet a high level of standards, Professionalism and fairness, which has been very well received. Well done to those who have achieved so far and to those who shall achieve in the future, you are all worthy and have the B.T.A & U.F.K.K.A support. For those clubs/academies interested please contact Vice president GM Mark Trent for information on the requirements and how to apply.

On Saturday 10th December 2016 B.T.A President GM Roy & Mrs Kilner, Master L.Wragg & daughter, Master Stuart Usher & Sabumnim Rob Bird of Messingham Martial Arts & Brigg Kickboxing travelled down to Stowmarket/Barking near Ipswich after being invited to the Scorpion Academy Christmas meal by U.F.K.K.A President/B.T.A Vice President GM Mark Trent & partner Heather, U.F.K.K.A Vice President Master Andy Lewis & U.F.K.K.A Chairperson Master Hannah Povah at The Barking Fox in Barking. A great night was had by all with lots of food, fun and laughs through out the evening. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND HERE'S TO A FANTASTIC 2017!!!

On Sunday 4th December 2016 Master Stuart Usher of Messingham Martial Arts, travelled up to fellow B.T.A club Yong Kwan Taekwondo in County Durham. The students were subjected to a high energy warm up and stretch before tackling basic, advanced, combinations and self-defence techniques using Nunckukus. Another well received session supported by the B.T.A.

On Saturday 3rd December 2016 Master David Birch of Sheffield Dragons Taekwondo, travelled up to fellow B.T.A club Yong Kwan Taekwondo in County Durham. He ran an intense and well received sparring seminar at Wabi Sabi Academy that put the student through their paces in a true 'Master Birch' way. The training was well received and all attendees look forward to training with Master Birch soon.